Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3D Bunny Rabbit Tutorial

Hello Everyone!!!

With it being spring and Easter just around the corner I thought a bunny tutorial was in order. This was the first time making a 3D bunny for a cake so it was an adventure!! I was never really good at the figure stuff like my sister was but I gave this a try and I'm pretty happy with it. :)

He was a fun little bunny to make. At times I have to say he was funny also. I have a pic of that too. So here is what we did....


food color
spaghetti noodles
sharp knife
paint brush or
food markers

1. We started with a ball of blue 1/2 gumpaste/fondant mix.
It can be any size or color you want it to be for the needs of your cake.

2. Next I made a curved tear drop shape out of the ball.
That will make the belly and back of the bunny.

3. Put a spaghetti noodle through the body and out the top
to be used to hold the head on.

4. Cut out a thin white piece for the belly. Just a rough shape
like this one. Fondant/gumpaste mix. Keep un-used
fondant/gumpaste covered in plastic to keep it from
drying out. It gives you more time to work with it.

5. Make a small ball for the tail. You can use
water to "glue" it on or use a small piece of spaghetti
to hold it on.

6. For the legs make a snake long enough for 2 legs.
I cut them from the same snake to make sure they are the same
thickness to make it look even.

7. Use a fondant tool to put a crease in the snake.
That makes the foot and leg.

8. Pinch the top flat-ish. That makes the leg fit the body.

Here is what it will look like. :)

9. Flatten the foot out a bit and use the same tool to
make toes. My foot is drying out fast. See the wrinkles.
Make the other leg the same way. Use a small drop of
water to glue them to the bunny body. I have a pic on down.

10. Start the arms the same way as the legs. Roll a snake
long enough for both arms. A bit longer than you rolled
for the legs.

11. Flatten out the hands and use the same tool to make
"fingers" and a bend in the arm. Use a small drop of water to
"glue" them to the body.

Placement of arms and legs. I added some dots to
make it look like stitches.

Now to make the head. Make a smaller ball of half gumpaste
half fondant mix. Then shape into a oval-ish shape. I cut a small
rounded heart shape for the cheeks. Make a flat oval for the nose and
used the tool to score lines to make the nose. Manda made the ears
on a spahetti noodle so they would stand up. Cut tiny ovals for the
inner ears. Glue it all on with a tiny amount of water. We used
food makers for the eyes. You can also use a paint brush and
black food coloring.

It was Manda's idea to make a colored egg for him to hold. It was a very cute idea. I'd say you could make tiny flowers or even a tiny basket for him to hold too. :) If you have any questions just let me know. I am happy to help all I can. He is super fun. I wouldn't say he was hard to make either. Just lots of steps. He is so worth it cause he is cute!!!

Here is my first try at a face!!! It was sooooo funny!!! Glad I made the changes......

His ears were too big too. I also took the whites out of his
eyes. See I'm not always good at something the first time I try.
If you don't like something keep trying. You will get it. :)

Have fun and Happy Caking!!!

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