Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bunny Faces Tutorial

No Easter cupcake is complete without a bunny smile. :) This one is made like the chic in the Easter egg. I will have to say this one gave us some trouble because we wasn't happy with the way the ears were looking. Maybe you will have much better luck. lol.

How cute is that silly little grin??

Sharp knife
Paint brush and black food color or

1. We used a large circle cutter about the size of a
cupcake top to make the base of the face.

2. Cut another large circle. Then use the same
large cutter to cut out skinny ovals for the ears.

3. Then use a small circle cutter to cut out the
cheeks. You can also use the back of a tip.

4. A tip with a large hole makes a great cutter for the
eyes. Perfect size. :)

5. Cut out a small square and score a line in the
center to make the teeth. Now its all ready to
put together.

6. Place the teeth on top of the largest circle.
Just shy of the center. Then on top of the teeth
place the two small cirlces for the cheeks.
So it looks like the pic. Glue it all into place
with small dots of water.

7. Make a small ball shape and pinch it into a
triangle shape. Glue it into place.

8.  Now glue the smallest circles in place for
the eyes.

9. Make small impressions on the cheeks. Mark the
eyes with black food coloring. Glue the ears in place
and cover the center with a small piece to hide
the place where they meet. Curve up one of the ears
to make it cute. :)

10. Add the pink centers to the ears and you are done. :)
Its ready for its cupcake.

You can make bows to go in the center of the ears too.

Happy Easter!!!

Hope you like this tutorial too. I have a few more Easter ones to post. :) Keep checking back. If you have any questions just let me know. I am happy to help.

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