Thursday, April 21, 2011

Half Hatched Chic Tutorial

I have always loved the chic in the egg that was too afraid to come out. lol Or would just run around all lost like because he couldn't see. I do miss the old cartoons. My sister and I had a har time with these at first. But once we got the look down they were easy. Hope you like this tutorial. :)

fondant / gumpaste
spaghetti noodles

food marker
food color

1. Start with your white fondant / gumpaste and make
a ball in the size you need. The bring the top
to a small point like an egg.

2. Now with the food marker or even a paint brush
and black food color. mark little lines where the legs
will go to look like cracks.

3. Color a small amount of fondant / gumpaste 
organe for the feet. Make small snakes and cut them
to the size you need for the legs. Then cut 3 little
toes out of one end.

5. Put in te spaghetti noodle and fold up the feet
just below the toes. This is what took us so long to
get to look right. We tried many different feet styles.
lol. We liked these the best.

6. Put the feet in at a slightly down ward angle.
If you put them straight in they would be cute
too. We just liked the look of this one ourselves.

Now they are ready for cupcakes. :)

So cute!!! You could add more per cupcake or even
just use them on a cake. I this these are my favs so far!!

Love them!!

Just let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to help. :)

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