Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tiny Calla Lilies Tutorial

Hello everyone!!

What is an Easter party without calla lily cupcakes??? Exactly. So today's tutorial is a simple way to make tiny calla lilies perfect for cupcakes. You could even use them on cakes if you need a tiny flower. :)

Aren't they cute??

water for glue

1. Use a small heart cutter. You will need one
fondant/gumpaste hear for each flower.

2. I gave a little tug on the points of the hearts just
to make it a little longer. You can see the ones
on the end has already been done. The middle hasn't.

3. Add a small amount of water to the left side of the
heart. Let it get sticky.

4. fold over the right side without making a
crease. Just round it over.

5. Now fold over the left side that has the water on
it in the same way to glue it in place.

6. Now use your fondant tool to shape it a little
better. You can use a tip for this also. Just something
cone shape will work. You can even skip this step
if you are happy with the shape.

Be sure to keep all fondant not in use covered so
it doesn't dry out.

7. Now roll a very skinny snake for the flower's
stamen. Cut them to the size you need and
glue them in with a little water. :)
After they dry they are ready for cupcakes. :)

Ready for the party!

Hope you like the tutorial and as always if you have any questions just post them in a comment or send me an email. I am happy to help all I can.


  1. Hallo!

    die finde ich richtig niedlich, total süß und schön, kann ich mir gut für Cupcakes vorstellen! Danke für die nette Idee!


    1. Sie sind herzlich eingeladen. Vielen Dank für den Kommentar.


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