Sunday, May 1, 2011

Garden Cupcake Tutorial Day 1 Carrots

We made a set of cupcakes for my Dad's 60th birthday. He really loves gardening so we made him a cupcake garden. lol  We took pics along the way. We made 3 different veggies a carrot, a cabbage, and peas. 15 cupcakes all together. 5 of each veggie in a row to make it look like a garden.  Hope you like them. :)

gumpaste / fondant
fondant tools
sharp knife
food color

1. Mix 50% gumpaste and 50% fondant. That gives you
a  little more time to work with it before it dries.
You will only need orange colored fondant today.
We will make the green ones tomorrow. :)

2. Make 5 equal size parts of orange. One for each
cupcake to keep them looking the same. Be sure 
to keep everything covered to keep it from drying out.

3. Split each of the 5 parts into 3. Each one is a carrot.
Shape each one into little ovals with a flat bottom.
Cover again for now.

4. Use your fondant tool to mark little lines in each 
carrot. Makes them look more like carrots.
You will want to make a few in each one.

 5. use spaghetti to hold the greens on the top. 
That way you can eat it. 

6. Roll tiny green logs for the greens that go on top
of each carrot. Use a sharp knife to cut many slits.

7. After you get all the slits cut then cut off the bottom
to shorten it some. Now its ready to add to the 
carrot. Add a drop of water to "glue" it into place. 

8. Now your finished. :) Make each one the same way.
Make as many as you need. We made 3 for each cupcake.

Tomorrow we will make the cabbages. When they are all put together they look like a cute little garden. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. If you have any questions just let me know. I a happy to help all I can!!


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