Monday, May 2, 2011

Garden Cupcake Tutorial Day 2 Cabbages

Here is day 2 of the garden cupcakes... the cabbages. These are pretty simple too. They are made in the same way a rose would be made. Super cute!!

gumpaste / fondant
fondant tools
food color
sharp knife

  1. Start with a small green ball of half gumpaste
half fondant. A little bigger than a 
pea. Maybe the size of 2 peas. 
3. For each petal use a pea size ball.

4. Pinch the pea size ball for each petal you want to make.
Here is what each petal will look like. Not much
different than a rose petal. Just a little more simple.

5. With a little water "glue" the petals to the first green
ball you started with. Overlapping each one to get the

You are finished. :) Follow each step for each
cabbage you want to make. 

Tomorrow is the last of the garden set. Its a very simple pea plant. Even though it is simple
it adds just the right touch to the garden cupcakes. Hope you like them. If you have any
questions just let me know. I am happy to help any way I can. Thanks for stopping
by my blog!! 

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  1. Wow. Easy enough. Thanks for teaching me something new!


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