Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Garden Cupcake Tutorial Day 3 Peas

Today we finish our little garden we started. :) This would also be great for Mother's Day and all those mothers that love to garden.  I know my Mom loves to garden. Her favorite part of raising a garden is watching the old fashioned greasy beans grow. So, I know she would love these cupcakes. I may have to make her a few with a Happy Mother's Day sign on them. :)

All the little veggies in a row. :)

Today we are working on the peas or green beans. Which ever you want to call them. These are super super simple but adds so much to the look.

gumpaste / fondant
fondant tools
sharp knife
food color

1. Start like we did for day 2. A small pea sized
gumpaste / fondant mix colored green.

3. Roll each ball into a snake shape like we did in
grade school. You want it to be pretty skinny.

4. Wrap each snake around a spaghetti stick. 
We made 3 of these for each cupcake.

5. Now let them dry. We used this twisty wash rag to 
hold them. 

See how much they add to the look of a garden.

We added a cute little over the hill cake topper and we were all set for a 60th birthday lunch. Let the kids sing happy birthday and help Papaw blow out the candles. They were a hit and the kids loved them.

LOL The kids thought it was really funny!!

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