Wednesday, May 4, 2011

High Heel Shoe Cupcake Tutorial

We made these just in time for Mother's Day!! Very cute very tiny high heel shoes for the shopping or fashion lovers! Perfect for a cupcake. Who doesn't love shoes?? We made these simple but you could dress them up any way you want. They would be cute with dots or stripes.

sharp knife
food color
fondant tools
shoe template

 1. Print shoe template.

2. Fold the drying rack according to the arrows on the
template. It should look like this. I use tape to hold it
in place because it is so small.

3. Use food color to color your gumpaste. You can
use any two of your favorite colors. 

4. Use the pink bands on the rolling pin to get the right 
thickness. Its about an 1/8th of an inch if you 
don't have them. Do this to both colors.

This is the closed toe template.
This is the shoe bottom template.
This is the open toe template.

5. Use the templates to cut your shoe out of your 
gumpaste. You can use either the closed toe or the open
toe template but you can't use both. I am going to use the
open toe in this tutorial. Also cut out 2 shoe bottoms. 
One left and one right. Keep covered in plastic wrap
to keep it from drying out too fast.

 6. Use a drop or two of water to glue the toe srap
to the shoe bottom. With a fondant tool press the strap
in place securely. 

7. Place it on the drying rack and use another  fondant tool
to make sure the toe strap has a good form. 

8. Quickly make a heel. Make a tear drop shape and then 
cut it to the size you need. When you cut it that makes
the flat edge to glue to the shoe bottom. 

9. Use a drop of water for glue and glue the heel
to the underside of the shoe bottom.

Here I'm showing you 2 different size heels. And
I really like the taller one better. It brings the back of
the shoe bottom up just a little off the drying rack.

That's it. Let dry over night or until they are hard.

Cute!! We will be making the purses tomorrow. 

We made tiny pearls for this pair. You can use the
pearl mold or just roll tiny balls. 

Happy Mother's Day!!


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  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I did it today (purse and high heels), your instructions step-by-step with pictures made it so easy. God Bless You!
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