Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mini Gumpaste Purse Tutorial

Now that your high heels are dry its time to make some purses to match. What's a pair of shoes without a handbag? Manda did a great job on these and I really think you will love them. Just pick out two of your favorite colors. We are going to use the red and black to match our shoes.


fondant tools
food color
sharp knife

1. Color your gumpaste in the colors you like.

2. For purse style 1 make a round ball out of gumpaste
about the size of a large marble.

3. Use a flat edge to press on all sides of the ball to
create the sides of the purse.

Do the same thing for purse style 2 only in a tear drop
shape. Cover and set aside for later.

4. With a fondant tool make lines to give texture to
the purse.

5. For the straps and zipper on the purse roll 3 thin
snakes. This is red for a black purse. If your ball was red
make the straps black.

6. Use small drops of water to glue the snakes in
place. One in the center for the zipper, and two on
the sides for straps.

That's it for purse style one. :) Now on to style 2.

1. Start with the pressed tear drop shape we did earlier.

2. Roll a tiny snake for the strap. You will only need one.
Also roll out a thin piece of gumpaste for the flap.

3. Cut out the shape of the flap with the sharp knife.
We just free hand this. You can use a ruler if you like.

4. Use water to glue it in place. Let it go over the back
some to get a better look.

5. Use a small drop of water to glue the strap on to
the purse. Just enough to make it sticky.

6. "Glue" on a small dot just for decorations. We
just rolled a tiny ball and flattened it a little.

7. All finished!! Don't worry about the water. It will dry
and you wont be able to see it. Now they are ready
for cupcakes or a small cake.


Hope you like the tutorial. If you have any questions just let me know. I am happy to help all I can. :)

Happy Mother's Day!!

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