Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hiding Fondant Monkeys Tutorial - Zebra Monkey Cake - Day3

We are almost finished now. A few more steps and you should have a finished cake. I just love these little cute hiding monkeys. They are easier than you think. Here in this tutorial I will show you how to make these cuties.


2 colors of brown fondant
(one light and one darker)
sharp knife

1. Start with the tail. Roll a snake of the darker brown.
Thin enough to be one of their tailes.

 2. Cut to the length you need.

3. With a cake only paint brush paint a thin coating
of water where the tail will go. Not too much 
water though or it will not be sticky. You want
just enough to make the fondant sticky.

4. Press the tail into place. Give the tail a little 
curve to add to the cuteness. 

5. You will need a thick circle of the darker brown
to make the head. That is about the side of my
thumb print.

6. Flatten it out just a little and pinch in the top. That
will give it the shape of  a monkey head. 

7. Roll small balls from the darker brown for the
ears. Then flatten them a little. Glue them into
place with a tiny amount of water. 

8. Roll a small piece of the lighter brown. 

9. With the sharp knife cut out the shape for the eyes.
I just free handed it. Its ok if its not perfect. Also
cut out a oval for the mouth area of the monkey. 
Just cut it to fit the larger part of the head.

10. Glue them into place on the head. It will look
like this when you get them in place.

11. With your fondant tool mark a crease down the
center of the oval. Now roll a small ball from the
darker brown and glue it in place for the nose.

12. With the food marker make the eyes. I just
made small black dots. I just love that look.

13. Glue it into place on the opposite side of the tree
to its tail. It will look like it is hiding behind the tree.

You can have two monkeys on one tree or just one.
Either way they are cute. Or mix and match them.

Aren't they cute!!


  1. thanks - i need to make a monkey cake for my granddaughter -how do i get to the part where you make the top pieces. your cake is movely


    Here is the link to the last step. I will fix the link problem now. Thanks for telling me. :)

  3. im making this cake for my sons birthday party saturday... cn i make this cake before saturday and it still be good for saturday and if so how many days or hours before and how do i store it.... love this cake by the way... : )

    1. It will be just fine if you make it ahead of time. I have made cakes up to 3 days before the party before. As long as you keep it at room temperature it will be just as moist and good as if you baked it the day before. Don't put it in the fridge if you don't have to because it will dry it out. If you put certain icings on the cake it will need to go in the fridge but most buttercreams are just fine at room temperature.

      You can also make it now and freeze it. I have a friend who always freezes her cakes before serving them. Even if she makes them the day before. It really does make the cake more moist and really good!! If you freeze it, wrap it in plastic wrap 7 times and foil once. Then to defrost it, sit it in the fridge for a few hours. Then sit it at room temperature until all the moisture is gone off the foil wrap. Don't unwrap it until all the moisture is gone. It will cause the colors to run on the fondant if it is unwrapped.

      Hope that helps. :) I read once that a cake is good out of the fridge (if you use a non-fridge icing) for 2 weeks and can still be eaten. I'm not sure that I would eat it after that long. lol

      If you have any more questions, please let me know. I am happy to help all I can. If you want to send us a picture, we would love to see your cake!!! Have lots of fun. :)


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