Monday, June 20, 2011

Hot Pink And Zebra Cake

This weekend we got to make a 3 tier cake for a family member for her 14th birthday party. We had lots of fun at the party and making this cake. This was the first time we carved a cake in the center this way. Here are a few pictures of how we made the cake.

The finished cake.
Photo take by my SIL Alana Jo

1. First we carved, crumb coated and covered the cakes.
Here is a picture of what the center cake looked like
after we carved out the middle like an apple core and
crumb coated it. We shaved a little off at at time until
we got the shape we wanted and it was all even. We
used pink fondant to cover the cakes in.

We made the zebra stripes the same way as this 
tutorial. Finished it off with a black fondant ribbon
We just free-handed.  You can also use a
ribbon cutter if you like.We also used Wilton
cookie cutters to make the 14.

This tier took a little work to get covered because 
of it's shape. Then I cut a wide ribbon of white
fondant  with the ribbon cutter and usedfood color 
markers to add the zebra patter. The pattern is painted
on in the same pattern as the fondant tutorial. Then
the ribbon was glued on with water and pinched 
to make a point in the front.

I saw a great tutorial on to make the
wonderful flower in the middle.
I thought it fit the cake so perfectly.
Then finished off the tier with my
cut out large circles and used 
zebra pattern for the cupcakes.

We even had fun with the inside with this tutorial
The kids loved it!!!

The birthday girl!!



  2. Thanks so much!!! We made the zebra inside by coloring the batter and adding them to the pan in just the right way. :) I took pictures when we did. You can see them here if you like. :)


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