Thursday, June 23, 2011

How To Make A Foil Flower Former

Quick Tip

My favorite way to make a flower former is to use foil wrap. It is inexpensive and quick. The foil can be recycled so it is Earth friendly. If I need to make a 100 flowers, I can make them all at once and without spending an arm or a leg. Here are two of the ones I made recently. Just let me know if you have any questions.

You will need foil and a small rolling pin.

1. Once you have your foil cut and folded to the size 
you need. Cup your hand like the picture. With your
index finger and thumb touching. 

2. Place the foil over your cupped hand.

3. Press the rolling pin into where you cupped your

4. Ready for a daisy or other shallow flower.

I used that one for a daisy.

You can also make them deeper and curve over the edges for a lily. 

Quick and simple flower former to let your gumpaste of fondant flowers dry on that saves you money!!


  1. when will you be posting the next tutorial where you finish the 3d Hello Kitty cake?

  2. Sorry for the delay. The last of the hello kitty tutorial is up. :) Thanks!! :)

  3. Thanks for this great idea. I've been holding off on doing fondant flowers because I don't have the formers. I'll be giving this a go very soon.


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