Thursday, June 2, 2011

Palm Trees Tutorial - Zebra Monkey Cake - Day 2

Today we tackle the trees in the monkey jungle. I'm sure there are special cutters you can buy for making them but I like to use the tools I already have for multiple projects. Even though I may make my trees a little different they turn out cute. So lets get started.

Supplies for the trunks
Supplies for the leaves.

food coloring
2 color greens fondant
brown color fondant
sharp knife
leaf cutter

1. Start with the brown and roll it pretty thick. I would
say almost a half inch thick. This gives the trees a 
little more 3d look and not just a picture on the cake.

2. Next with the sharp knife cut strips about an
inch wide. I just free handed it but you can measure
them if you want. The way I see it is trees aren't
perfect so mine don't need to be either. lol

3. With a ball tool soften the edges of the tree trunks.
Give them a little more rounded natural look.

4. With the veining tool press crisscross lines into the
tree trunk fondant. This makes it look more like a 
palm tree.

5. With a little water on the back of the tree trunk 
glue it to the side of the top tier. Trim off the extra
to be even with the top. 

6. You should have 5 or 6 tree trunks glued to the 
top tier if you used an 8 inch round cake. Just 
space them out some. I like the uneven look with
this cake.

7. Now for the leaves. Start with the darker green
fondant. Cut out at least 2 for every tree trunk 
plus a few extra for good measure.

 8. Now cut out some from the lighter green fondant.
For every one dark green you cut, cut 3 light green.
Maybe a few extra just to be on the safe side.

 9. With the sharp knife cut out tiny triangles. That
gives it the tropical look.

10. With the veining tool mark vein lines in the leaf.
Now repeat steps 9 and 10 for each leaf you cut.
Now you are ready to make trees.

11. Starting with the dark green leaves, glue them
onto the trunks with water. This should hang over
a little more than the rest of the leaves. You want
them to peek out from the light green leaves.

12. Now glue on the lighter green leaves. Glue on
one row of leaves then go back over and glue on 
another row. You want to stagger them a little so
you can see the points of each leaf. 

13. Make a row of mixed greens to give it a little
more textured look. If you have any extra leaves
you can also glue them onto the cake in the center.

There you have it. You have made palm trees for your
monkey jungle.

We are almost finished with the cake. Not many more steps to go. Next we will work on the monkeys that are hiding in the trees. I think they are my favorite part of the cake. Just let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to help all I can.

Happy Caking!!


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