Friday, July 29, 2011

3d Hello Kitty Cake Tutorial - Finishing

Hello everyone!! So sorry for the delay on this post. It has been an up and down kinda life over here. Finishing Hello Kitty isn't that hard. A few more lumps of fondant in the right shape and some cute flowers and you have it.

Let's get started. :)

Here is where we left off last. :) 

1. The arms are kinda tear drop shape. I flatten it some
to get the flat - ish look. Leave where the hands go 
straight across so you can get the hands on there snug.
I used the same color as the shirt for the arms. 
Glue them in place with water.

2. The hands are mitten shape. Thick and just a thumb.
Made from white fondant. 
Glue them into place with some water. Just a little water
goes a long way.

3. Next we took some white icing and a small number 4 tip
and piped on some small white dots all around the edge
of the pink dress. That will finish off the dress and make it 
look like it has a little lace on it. 

4. Cut some small flowers out of fondant. You can use any
flower cutter you want as long as they are small enough to look
right. I used wilton metal set and small daisy cutter.

Now we work on the face. Which to me is the hardest part. It is what makes it look like a kitty and not a bear. lol. 

Here you can see the white border and flowers
we added to the dress. :) 

I placed the bow on first and that really helps me get the look I want.
You can place it on after. Not a problem. 

I used small black fondant ovals for the eyes. They really are smaller
than I would have thought. I made bigger ones first and kept cutting 
them down to get the right size. A small yellow oval was used for the
nose too. 

I love the food markers. I just used that to draw on the whiskers.
I worried the most about the whiskers. If I messed that up I'd have
to cover the head all over again. lol. No pressure. lol 

I really wish I took more pictures of these steps. I got busy and in a time crunch. Sorry about that. The Hello Kitty cake really isn't that hard and will only take you time. She is a cutie though. :) Just let me know if you have any questions. If anyone needs templates for the arms and hands just comment below and I will send them out to you. There really isn't a wrong way to make the arms and hands. :) 

Thank you so much guys!! Happy baking!!!

** I have added the Hello Kitty templates to the blog to make it easier to download!! :) **


  1. Wow! Love it! Think I will try it for daughter's b/day in a couple of weeks, any templates would be greatly received! Thanks.

  2. Thanks for posting the finishing steps. I would also appreciate if you could email me any templates you have for the 3d Hello kitty cake.

  3. Wow, I really love your Hello Kitty cake, its soo cute! The dress and flowers are gorgeous. I have to make one for my daughters birthdays coming up in next two weeks. Please can you email me any templates that I may use, it would be greatly appreciated! Email : Did you use marshmallow fondant to cover? If so, do you have a recipe for it. Many thanks and Happy Baking. Fadia ;-)

  4. so daughters bday in a couple of weeks and would love to give this a try...could you send a templet for arms and hands thanks

  5. hi,
    thank you for posting i really enjoyed checking out the steps and I am new to the baking world but I would like to give this cake a try can you send me the templates for this cake i would appreciate it

  6. Beautiful cake!! My Granddaughter is having a Hello Kitty birthday party so I'm going to attempt this one. Could you please email me the templates at


  7. I have been looking for a Hello Kitty cake to make for my daughter, and this one is perfect! You did an amazing job!! I can't wait to make this beautiful cake. I would appreciate the arm templates when you can.
    Happy Baking

  8. Your Hello Kitty cake is Darling! You are very talented! My daughter's birthday is in a few days and I'm having a hard time printing the templates, could I get them emailed to me as well? Thank you!

  9. I would appreciate templates as well!!

  10. You did a great job on the Hello Kitty cake! Can a person bake and decorate this cake several weeks before the birthday and freeze it?


Thanks so much for your comments!! They really keep me going!! You guys rock!!