Saturday, July 2, 2011

3d Hello Kitty Cake Tutorial - The Head

Now we are ready to make the head to Hello Kitty. Don't fret over it because it is easier than it looks. :) I have to admit that this is the part that worries me the most. I don't worry over the body because it doesn't make or break the cake but if I get one thing wrong on the face... its all over. lol. Not to worry though. If you don't like the way it turns out just eat that one and try again. :)

The head is made from crispy rice treats. I'm sure you can make it from cake too but I wanted something I could work with easier. This was the first time I was making this cake design. I learned a few things, let me tell you. lol I will give you my recipe to my crispy rice treats in the next post. :)

Let's get started. :)


sharp knife

1. Shape your Rice Krispy treats into a flat-ish oval 
shape. Put in fridge to cool and harden. Crumb 
coat one side.

2. Stand up on its bottom and crumb coat the other 
side. I don't have a picture of its crumb coat. 

3. Make ears out of fondant and place on the head
with spaghetti through it to hold it. Here is where I
would change the placement of the ears. I would
set the ears higher up on the head some to make it
look more like Hello Kitty.

4. Roll out your fondant a little on the thick side to 
keep it looking smooth. Lay it over your head like
in the picture.

5. Press it into shape.

More pressing.

6. Once it is all pressed on the front and back, lift it up
and trim the extra. Be sure to leave some fondant
underneath the head onto the bottom because it will
set on a smaller neck. 

7. Now press it at the ears. Pressing the front fondant
and the back fondant together.

8. With a sharp knife cut the extra fondant close to the
head up the side and side of the ear. Only cutting the 
front layer of fondant. 

It will look like this. 

9. Open it up and pull it forward. Giving it a little 
press to secure it to the cake.

10. With a sharp knife trim off the extra up the side
of the head. Let it over lap a little so the crumb coat
doesn't show through.

11. There is that board I made from the body tutorial.
If you didn't make one then just make one now. Also
add a few straws under it to help hold the weight of 
the head. Just like you were stacking a cake only 
its a head. lol Also add in dowel rods to keep the
head from moving around. 

12. Now put it in place. Slowly wiggle it down on the
dowel rods. Now its ready to put the features on there.

The bow is two hearts.

Cut the bottoms from the hearts with a circle cutter.
Just the ends. Also cut a small circle to place in the

There you have a bow. :) You can add the marks
on there if you want. I think its cute either way.
My sister is a smart one. She is the one who made
the bows.

I made two tiny black ovals for the eyes and 
one yellow oval for the nose. I also used the
black food marker to draw the whiskers on.

Next tutorial will be finishing everything up. I just love her flaws and all!!


  1. Saw your article in Oh my Gosh, this is beautiful... Just wondering, do you make your own Fondant?

  2. Thanks everyone! Steward - I do make my own fondant. I use marshmallow fondant. There are many recipes online for it. I'm also putting together a video that I will be posting of how I make mine. :)

  3. Thx for sharing. Really! your tutorial was simply amazing. Blessings and may God grant u more creativity. :0) u made life sooo much easy for alot of ppl.

  4. This is awesome! thank you for posting this tutorial. I am making a Hello Kitty for my daughter's b-day in august. You rock!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial! I am making one of these for my daughter's birthday in August. You rock!

  6. Your Hello Kitty cake is fantastic! Love your tutorials, and especially love how you did her lovely ruffled dress!


  7. Hi Melanie,

    Love your tutorial..cant wait to make one for my niece coming bday..:) she love Hello Kitty..

    Could you please share with me your Krispies Rice recipe..

    Hope to hear from you..


  8. ! I need to make some of these immediately! I found your post very useful. We are always trying to create delicious cakes with new look. And baking tricks will help us a lot.

    I will be happy if you will visit out online cake store and send me your Comments

  9. Just finished making one it looks fantastic. The tutorial took the hard work out of it, thank you.

  10. Would you say possible to make entirely of cake?

  11. Hi! I love your tutorial! Thanks so much! I was wondering, what's the advantage of using rice crispy treats over cake for the head? I want to make this cake but using cake for the head. Do you think that will be a nightmare? Thanks again!

  12. The only reason I used rice crispy treats was because the cake didn't need to be that big. It was also easier for me to get the shape I needed. You may be able to use 2 small clear glass pyrex mixing bowls for the head. Carve a little off to get the shape you need. They only thing that worries me is if it would be structurally strong enough after you cut it. Maybe use a pound cake for the head. :)

  13. So glad you could use the tutorial Pam. :) If you ever want to share feel free to send us a picture to :)

  14. Here's the cake I made with the help of your tutorial.

    I changed some things but I wouldn't have had the courage to tackle this project without your tutorial. Thanks!

    Hello Kitty is made completely of cake. She's a foot tall without the birthday hat and her head is 9 inches in diameter.

  15. Maui, I love it!!! I love how its different! It shows your personality. She is soooo very cute! You did a great job!!!If you wouldn't mind may I share her on the blog?

    Thanks for your comment and sharing your cake with me!!

  16. Sure Melanie! Thanks again for your very helpful tutorial :)

  17. Love the ck...question did u put the rods all the way down the cake before put on kitty's head???? Making this ck for a friend:))

  18. I did. The skewer rods are all the way down to the try for extra support. :)

  19. if u don't mine me asking... how much would u charge for this to feed 60 ppl

    1. For my cakes in a very small town, I use to charge $2.50 a serving for my 3D cakes. No less. And no matter how small I charged a min of $50. If I were in a larger town I would charge every bit of $6.00 a serving.

  20. Hi Melanie! My name is Tricia and found your tutorial SOOO helpful! I will be making this for my niece this August!

    I was wondering if I could bother you for your templates and your fondant recipe!!! My email :

    Thx again for the inspiration!

    1. Is the link to the templates. :) For my fondant I use one bag of 16 oz marshmallows, one bag of 2lb powdered sugar, and 2 tablespoons of water or clear flavoring. Melt the marshmallows in the microwave oven in a large bowl for one minute. Remove and stir with a microwave safe spoon. Place spoon and bowl back in the microwave and microwave for one more minute (sometimes we go one min and 20 seconds the next time). Remove. Stir in powdered sugar until fondant forms. :)

  21. Hi. Thy cake is remarkable. I love it. I'm going to attempt to do this for my niece for her birthday. I do have some questions. When should I make it? What do you mean when you talk about spaghetti around the ears? Also should I place the rods all the way to the bottom and go almost to the top of the head? I love this and I am so excited. Have a good day!!

  22. I love it looks totally awesome. I also love hello kitty. Keep baking those amazingly awesome cakes.

  23. This is adorable. I am going to make this for my niece. Just a quick question. If I made the head out of cake what pan would I use? E.g 2 6inch pan ?
    A x

    1. If I wanted to make it out of cake I would use a 6 inch cake pan and carve it into an oval shape. You can also use the smaller oval pan and carve it into a rounder shape. Be sure to support it well. :) It shouldn't be too hard to use cake.

  24. OMG! my hello kitty cake came out amazing, Thanks to your tutorial! I've never worked with fondant before. Such detailed and easy to read steps. Thank you again!


Thanks so much for your comments!! They really keep me going!! You guys rock!!