Tuesday, November 15, 2011

3d Baby Elmo Cake Tutorial

Hey everyone!! Who doesn't love Elmo?? He is a favorite among many children through out many generations. I have put together a short tutorial on how to make him in cake. This is for a cute baby Elmo. Great for first birthdays or baby showers. Here we go. Lets get caking.

Now aint he just cute!


3 - 6 inch x 2 inch round cakes
rice crispy treats
cake boards
tooth picks
red food coloring
black food coloring
orange food coloring
a cupcake
crusting buttercream
star tip

First stack up your 6 inch x 2 inch round cakes with buttercream in the middle. Carve the top layer and some of the second to form a "neck". To look like this pic. No right way to do this or right size. You just want the top to come to a narrow "point" so Elmo looks like he has shoulders and not one lump.  Lumps aren't as cute. lol

After you crumb coat the body you will want to support the cake board and head. I use large drinking straws. You can also order super large straws from the internet. They are much easier to work with. I add 3 or 4 straws and cut them to the same height of the cake.

Cut one of the cake boards down to the size of the "neck" and glue in place with some more buttercream. This will keep the head from sinking into the cake. No pretty when they do that. I have been there done that. lol

Add 2 or 3 skewers through the cake board all the way to the bottom. I just use the skewers that can be found in the kitchen isle at any department store. They work great keeping the head in place. Here I just added 2 but you can add 3. I wouldn't add many more than that though. Too many holes in the head that way.

You can make rice crispy treats at home or buy them. Either way works great. Press them firmly. You really want a hard ball of crispy treats. Press all the air out so it will hold together with all that icing on top. It may be helpful if you make this the day before to let it dry well.I made it about the same size as the hello kitty head.

Shape arms and legs from rice crispy treat also. So that they look something like this. They can also be made the day before.

 Place the legs onto the front of the body. Pressing the legs into the icing so they will stay in place.

Now the fun part! Get out your gloves... this is going to get messy. What is more fun than playing in red icing!! lol Color your icing red and get your star tip ready in a bag. Once you load your bag up with icing start about an inch onto the bottom of the body and drag your tip downward to make a complete ring around the cake body. This will start the fur look. After all Elmo wouldn't be Elmo if he wasn't fuzzy.

Keep doing this all up the cake. You can see that I am already getting messy. I will be pink for days after this. Ran out of gloves. You want to only drag the star tip down about an inch to keep the fur look. Don't worry about it being perfect. Fur is messy looking.

The legs are done the same way. You will want to start at where the body meets the leg and also on the foot. Meeting in the middle.

Same way with the arm. Now you will want to attach the arm very well. I use tooth picks. A lot of them! The arm likes to fall off if you don't. Been there done that too. No fun at all.

Told you it was going to get messy! But wasn't it fun? I love it! Now its time to add the head. Carefully slide his head down onto the skewers you have places before. I cover the rice crispies in a crumb coat just like I would for cake. I took it one step further and covered one in fondant to make sure it all stays together. Now we are ready for the face.

For the mouth cut a half moon shape out of black fondant. You will want to make this bigger than you need it so you can add the fur around it. That makes it look more like Elmo.

To add the fur to the head you do the same thing as you did the body. Just drag the stars about an inch long. He is getting there now. We added the cupcake with icing at this point. We couldn't wait any longer.

Just take a golf ball size lump of white fondant to make the eyes. Roll it in you hands until it is nice and round. I attached them with tooth picks. I used the open end of a tip to cut the small circles out of black for the center of the eye. For the nose you do the same thing as the eyes. Roll a golf ball size of orange fondant until it is nice and round. Then lay it down on the table and use your first finger to roll the top half to make a tear drop shape. We also added sprinkles and a number 3 for the boy. There you have an Elmo! How messy did you get?? I love the mess!! Its such fun!

Let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to help all I can!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy caking!


  1. Thank u for ur lovely tutorial.

    1. You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. how do you get such red icing. i've tried sooooo many times and it never comes out quite right. thank you! your site is great! :)

    1. I use Americolor super red. Nothing else works. It makes red red icing without leaving pink stains on everything. :)

  3. Hi Melanie, Thank you for that- i want to try to avoid using crisco to start from white- I hope it will work- I have a hard time finding the americolor super red (i live overseas and its not approved for sale here, so I need to get it sent to me :) ) This helps a lot!

    1. You are welcome. :) I didn't know that about americolor. I will keep my eye out for great colors to use overseas. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  4. Hi, This cake is amazing! I too live overseas, but have been able to source Super red americolor to use.... might be a silly question, but how much would i need to colour a cake like this? I want to make sure I order enough :)
    And how much buttercream icing should I be making?

    1. If you use super red americolor then it would only need about a tsp or two to color it. If you use wilton icing color it will take lots. I haven't used wilton's icing color in so long I can't remember. It doesn't take as much icing as one may think. :) We made two batches of Wilton's crusting buttercream icing recipe on their website. Or if you buy Wilton's icing it would be the larger tub.:)

  5. Te felicito por tan bello blog y por compartir con nosotros tus tutoriales.

    Un saludo Pilar

  6. The cake is adorable. Thanks for the tutorial. I am going to try to make this one for my nephew. Kathy

  7. Love the tutorial. Thank you. Can you make the cake and complete it fully the day before use and just refrigerate it?

  8. One more thing sorry. Did you crumb coat the head and then cover it completely with fondant too? Thanks again!

  9. Very cute. Did you find you had trouble getting the eyes in after you had iced it? I made the head and it's in the fridge, so I'm worried that it will be too hard for me to put a toothpick in. I have yet to make the eyes......I plan on doing this tomorrow.

  10. What is the best red food coloring i should buy.because i try working with the red food coloring .but it look pink instead of red.or if i use more of the coloring it becomes bittter.what should i do to get a nice red elmo coat.

  11. Thank you for this fantastic tutorial, it has made making Elmo much easier.


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