Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3D Gator Cake Tutorial

I do love the 3D cakes and trying to figure them out. I made this one for a dear friend over the Thanksgiving weekend. It was for her son who loves the Florida Gators. She said there were a few at the party that wasn't fans. lol They loved it any way.

Today I am going to share with you the way I made it. I'm sure there are different ways out there but this is what I done. Once I made a template it was easier to carve without worry. I have the hardest time getting them even when I free hand them. I cut forever on them just to get them right. lol

So lets get caking!

                                                 Ggrrrr! He would also make a nice dino!!


Oval cake. I used a 10 inch size.
                  (I think the 13in would have made a better one)
Crusting buttercream
Green fondant
White fondant
Black food marker
Serrated knife

Step 1: After you fill and stack your cake get a large serrated knife (I used a bread knife) for trimming. The first cut is on the long side of the oval about an inch from the side. Leaving the back wider than the front. The nose is just a tad bit thinner than the back of the head.

I use a piece that I already cut out to trim the other side. Keeps it even looking. :) Did I mention I can't just eye-ball it. lol

Here is what you are left with. You can almost see the gator now.

Step 2: Place the template on the side of the cake. Starting with the nose end trim it to match the template. Use what you cut off the nose to add height to the back of the head. Just used some icing to glue it in place. Trim the rest of the cake to match the template.

                     Here is the template. Resize it to what you need. I used it at 10.5 inches tall.

Step 3: Use your serrated knife to cut dips between where the eyes would be and on the end of the nose. It doesn't have to be perfect just some what even. Now remove the template and round all the sharp edges off with your knife. Just a small cut is all it will take. I cut about 1/4 inch off all the edges to give it a softer look.

Step 4: Crumb coat the cake. Now you can really tell what its going to be. The icing helps round everything off too.

Step 5: Cover it in fondant. To cover this shape I would treat it like a square cake. Starting at the corners and working my way to the middles. When you trim the extra away, leave about 1/4 inch or so on the board. We are going to use this to get a finished look.

Step 6: With a spatula or a butter knife tuck the extra that was left under the edge of the cake. This will finish the cake without needing a border.

                                                           Gives it a neat and tidy look.

Step 7: Here is where kindergarten comes in handy again. Remember all those clay snakes we made. Make a very thin and long one out of green fondant. We are going to use this to outline the mouth, eyes, and nose.

Step 8: I did free hand this one. It doesn't have to be perfect. You want it to be kinda like the shape of the head. Taller in the back and narrow in the front. If you want you can take a fondant tool or a veiner tool and press a line into the fondant to follow. Use a small amount of water brushed on to glue the snake to the head. Not too much or it wont stick. You want to use just enough to make it tacky.

Step 9: Roll out some white fondant. Not as thick as if you were going to cover a cake. That will help keep it from standing out to far on the side of the cake. I free handed the eyes this time too. The first one I cut was too big so I cut it down and then used that as a template to cut another one for the other side. Just cut an oval in the size you need. Also cut out long strips about 1/2 inch wide for the teeth. Glue the eye in place with a little water.

Step 10: Cut triangles out of the strips for the teeth. Make some smaller than the others for the narrow part of the mouth.

Step 11: Glue the teeth in place with a small amount of water. Now just take the black food marker and add a cat like thin triangle down half of the eye. That will finish him off!!

There you did it!!! You make a cute gator slash dino!! The kids will love him! Add some eye lashes and a pink bow and you have a dino fit for a tea party!

Hope y'all enjoyed my tutorial. If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email! I would also love to see your cakes if you want to share them!

Happy Cakin'!!

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