Friday, July 6, 2012

Pinetrest Inspired Rainbow Party

Hey everyone!! I thought I'd take a minute to share a picnic we had this summer that was inspired by We had so much fun!!! I'm not sure what was more fun; thinking of fun ways to make rainbow food or making them. Thanks to Pinterest we had a blast!

Rainbow jello. :) Made with all sugar free jello. The blue and purple were unflavored jello flavored by kool aid and Solo sweetener. 

Rainbow pasta. Food color dyed pasta. The kids loved it!!

Rainbow cupcakes. Airheads candy was used for the rainbows and icing for the clouds.

Another rainbow pasta!!! Gotta love it!!

Rainbow fruit!!

Rainbow cookies!! and Candies!!!

Rainbow deviled eggs!!

We had other foods there too. It was a great cook out. I just wish we could have made rainbow hotdogs or hamburgers. LOL We have so much fun with theme picnics. Our next one is a "just bee-cause" picnic. :)

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