Saturday, July 14, 2012

Plants vs Zombie Cake How to Make Peashooter

The Plants vs Zombie Peashooter is my favorite plant from the game. It is just so cute. I'm really going to have to play this game. Looks like loads of fun!

마눌님이 peashooter..
By hidefx

Aint he just a cutie!! Silly me didn't get a good picture of one of our fondant peashooters. Leason learned.

food color
black food marker
ball fondant tool
fondant veiner tool
tooth pick
sharp knife
small leaf cutter

 1. Color some fondant the green you want. Start with a ball about the size of a quarter. You can make it any size you want. :) We made some smaller ones for the cake too. Roll it until it is smooth. If you are having a hard time getting it smooth, try about 10 seconds in the microwave.

2. Pinch the end a little to make it more narrow on the end. We then used the edge of the table to roll out the shape better and smoother. This lets the back half hand off and keep its shape. You could use a small white Wilton rolling pin too.

3. Press the smaller end of the shape onto a flat surface. Gently. Don't want to loose the shape, just want to flatten out the end just a little.

4. Now with the small end of the ball tool, make a dip into the flat narrow end. This will make the mouth. You will have to wiggle it around a little to get it to open up.

5. This is what you will get.

6. With your thumb and first finger, pinch the edge to thin it out a bit. This will give the peashoot its wide mouth look.

7. Roll out a small snake for the stem. Attach them to each other with a tooth pick.

 8. With the black food marker Place two dots for the eyes.

9.  Roll out a small amount of green for the leaves. You can use any small leaf cutter you like. We used the one that came with a Wilton rose kit.

10. With a veiner tool, mark the lines that a leaf would have. Just gives it that extra touch of awesome. Do that for each leaf you make.

11. There is what the leaves look like. He is now ready to be placed on the cake. He is a little top heavy. In places I didn't want him to fall over I used icing to glue the back of his head in place.

This is the only picture I got of them. I will remember next time to get better pics of the small items.

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  1. Thank you for instructions, I'm making some plants vs zombies figurines in a couple of days for my step son's birthday cake so finding your post is really helpful. That cake looks amazing, I would just wanna look at it and not eat it because I wouldnt wanna ruin it :)


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