Thursday, July 5, 2012

Plants vs Zombie Cake Tutorial Step 1 - Making a Fondant Fence

Let's all get down to the fun!! Figuring out new cake designs is always fun for me. If I could make a new design every time I'd be a happy caker!!

3 tier cake (any size)
food color
sharp knife
fondant tools
cake boards

1. First crumb coat and cover all your tiers in brown fondant. Before you stack your cake we will add the green "grass". Roll out your green fondant and drape loosely over the brown fondant.

2. Trip the extra green fondant so it doesn't pull on the cake and it also makes it easier to work with. I stacked my cake as I went. You don't have to do it that way. You can cover each cake in grass then stack if you want.

3. With a sharp knife cut the wavy grass design into the green fondant. I just freehanded it but you can mark out your design with fondant tools first if you like. Which ever way you feel comfortable. No worries if it isn't perfect. It all looks great in the end.

4. Sorry for the crazy colors on this picture. lol It's not so easy to make a cake with one hand and take pictures with the other. lol Now with a fondant tool (the veiner one) make straight line marks to give the look of grass. I like the suggestive look of this grass and now use the grass tip and icing. Gives it a much cleaner look.

5. See how cute. Now stack all your tiers together. Now you are ready for the fun part!

6. Roll out some white fondant and cut small strips. I'd say they are just over 1/4 inch wide. I just did this freehand because the fence has lots of slats but you can also use the Wilton fondant ribbon cutter. That would give it a more uniform look. Glue the strips tot he cake with just a little water.

7. Cut more strips roughly the same width. Then cut them to 2 inches in length. You can also use 2 1/2 inch lengths. Cut one of each and see which one you like better. I had a bit of a problem with bulging on the bottom tier so I went with larger slats for the fence.

8. To give it a more fence look, cut each side of the top to create a point. Isn't that cute!!!

9. Here you can see the bulging. I hate that!!! I should have filled the cake pans just a little more so the cake was more even before I crumb coated it. Live and learn. lol Now just use a little water on the back of each slat to glue the slats to the fence. There you have a cute little fence on your cake. I then used a grass tip and some icing to make the grass around the bottoms of each tier. I did it before making the fence but it would have been easier to do it after. But that is me.... I can't do anything the easy way!!

More steps to come!! Keep watching. :) 


  1. My son loves plants vs zombies. He loves Little Big Planet even more. Have you ever done a cake in that theme? You make it look so easy!!!!! I'm very impressed.

    1. Thanks so much!!! That's a good idea! I'll have to get to work on a Little Big Planet cake. We love that game!!

  2. Melanie, you're an inspiration. I just started making cakes and i really find it interesting. You're mini tutorial here helped me a lot. I'm a stay at home mom too here in Toronto. Thanks for sharing and hope to see more ideas from you. :)

  3. Hi I am 11 make cakes all the time making a cake for my dads b day he is addicted to thAt game thanks so much u r a huge help (not being sarcastic)

  4. I've just graduated elementary school and bake all the time thanks so much for this

  5. Oh my gosh! that is soo cute! I've been racking my brain trying to put my plants vs zombie cake together for my sons birthday. This helps a lot, Thanks ; }


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