Thursday, July 5, 2012

Plants vs Zombie Cake Tutorial

Hey guys!! This cake was so much fun!! My dearest cousin asked us to make her daughter's 7th birthday cake and we jumped at the chance to make this cake. We are a little zombie crazy here at my house. lol Always have been after my son came along. He is now 17. He just thought they were the coolest things. I guess the rest of the world does too now. Zombies are everywhere!

Here is the picture she sent us:
Featured on Happy Home Working


We loved the design and had to give it a try. We took tons of pictures to share with you so this may take a few posts to get it all in.

Here is the cake we made:
It's different but it was close enough she was happy. I think she liked the simple little zombie hand cupcakes the best. You never can tell what a kid will like. Well they are cool!!

Keep you eye out for the tutorials. You will have a blast with this cake and it is a little easier than it looks. :) You can even make the plants ahead of time if kept in an air tight container. Gotta love that!!

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